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Iconic Brewing Co.

Iconic Brewing Co. thrives in the fast paced beverage alcohol industry and has become one of the leading “trend-setting” beverage companies in Canada. Their portfolio of brands includes products such as Crazy Beard Wild Apple, Crazy Beard Hard Ginger Ale and Dusty Boots Hard Root Beer - Canada's first alcoholic root beer.

Poche Posh

Poche Posh is an online women's clothing retailer. They provide women's clothing with pockets to carry your necessities while still looking stylish.

Business Model:


Next 36, 2018


As Canada's only socially-driven hyrdoponics company, SucSeed's at-home hydroponic growing kits let anyone, anywhere, fill their plates with fresh, affordable produce.


VOLTFUSE is a specialty headwear and apparel brand, based out of Newfoundland and Labrador.


Wellow is the world's most sustainable deodorant. It comes in a revolutionary paper-based tube that is 100% recyclable and compostable. Made from 95% FSC-certified recycled paper, the deodorant’s packaging fully biodegrades in as little as 3 months after disposal, leaving no trace. Every detail has been carefully considered, down to the plant-based ink, water-soluble adhesive, and all-natural ingredients.

Wilder Harrier

Wilder Harrier's mission is to prepare the healthiest foods for our pets and for the planet using only wholesome, human-grade, and tasty ingredients in a fully responsible way. Their first product is a hypoallergenic and healthy dog treat made with cricket flour - a sustainable superfood.