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ChargeLab provides a full-stack solution for EV charging, giving building managers, installers, and EV charger manufacturers all of the tools they need to deploy smart EV infrastructure.


GridCure provides modular smart grid SaaS solutions that empower utilities to optimize their operations and customer service. GridCure securely aggregates data from disparate systems, completes multi-layered analytics, and recommends real-time actionable insights. GridCure offers simple and customizable solutions to help utilities make sense of their data and implement data-driven change.

Business Model:


Next 36, 2014


WeavAir sensor modules make use of advanced sensor array technology to measure metrics core to HVAC system performance and indoor air quality. The devices are powered in part by renewable energy sources. Real time analytics and predictive algorithms improve device accuracy and provide preventative alerts and actionable insights.


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Next 36, 2017