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Elev is a platform that gives students the best living experience by matching them with the right Home and streamlining the entire renting experience. Elev helps Hosts find great student-tenants and earn more guaranteed rental income.


Foodage is the easiest way for restaurants to reduce waste and lower their prime costs by predicting daily demand.



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Lunavoy Inc.

Lunavoy Inc. is disrupting the tourism space with its artificial intelligence powered online marketplace that personalizes touristic activities to each traveler’s profile and travelers among themselves. Essentially, we are a one-stop shop for millennial and gen z travelers to experience unique local travel activities in a group with other like-minded travelers at a discounted price.


Pilot helps people live happier lives through shared experiences. Our social travel planner helps you build itineraries for trips you want to take by yourself or with a group.


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There are 50M+ renters in North America per year. On average, it takes 1-6 months to find an apartment and renters pay on average of $400 to view apartments outside their city in travel, accommodation expenses viewing only 3-4 apartments during their visit. spotted is an app that connects renters to local spotters to help out-of-city renters view apartments at a distance. By pairing renters with trustworthy spotters, we ensure that no renter will be unhappy with their new homes. Hiring a spotter will offer detailed summary of apartment home features without the out-of-pocket expenses of transportation and accommodations. We make apartment viewing fun, timely and affordable.

Weave Travels

Weave is a hub for the world's travel content. They are a platform to help travel companies create beautiful, interactive and data driven content, instead of relying on brochures and paragraphs of text.


Wishplay uses virtual reality so patients of all ages can experience the world beyond their illness or circumstance. Wishplay provides an escape beyond the four walls of their room, reduces their pain, and in many cases grants final wishes so loved ones can experience something truly special.