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AI chatbot software that exceeds customer expectations. Automated customer chat platform built for humans.


Business Model:


We are augmenting the future of your remote, hybrid, and distributed work starting with communication. We’ve built a B2B communication tool to have highly contextual and collaborative discussions through screen and video recordings. Our vision is to re-design the entire work experience in a post-pandemic world, starting with how we communicate. With the ability to save questions and discussions, we can derive insights to improve employee training, onboarding programs, roadmap planning, and the performance review process. We are just getting started. We plan to operate with a B2B SaaS model with tiered pricing based on additional feature sets. Our target user is anyone who in a remote, hybrid, or distributed environment who frequently has highly-contextual and collaborative discussions. We'll be testing with 3 potential beachhead markets in North America: consulting engineers, tech workers, and university students in STEM fields. Worldwide, knowledge workers and higher-education students make up 1.3 billion people.

Business Model:


Next 36, 2022



Avail is a holistic well-being solution for organizations and their employees. Avail's proactive, mobile-first, anytime platform uses clinical and behavioural data-driven insights to provide employees with personalized well-being profiles that are increasingly refined to reflect changes in well-being as circumstances change.



Business Model:


GridCure provides modular smart grid SaaS solutions that empower utilities to optimize their operations and customer service. GridCure securely aggregates data from disparate systems, completes multi-layered analytics, and recommends real-time actionable insights. GridCure offers simple and customizable solutions to help utilities make sense of their data and implement data-driven change.

Business Model:


Next 36, 2014


Kaizena is creating the platform of choice for feedback on digital content, allowing educators to track and identify student abilities beyond final grades and test scores.

Kira Talent

Kira Talent is the world’s only holistic admissions solution designed for higher education. Kira transforms the admissions process by combining on-demand, timed video and timed written assessments with existing admissions requirements. Kira works with over 300 programs worldwide to build applicant-first assessments that identify and select their best-fit students.

Traction House

Traction House helps Series A startups solve distribution using LinkedIn. Their product, Find+Seek, drives qualified leads to your fund using social media networks. They then track, score, and rank their online engagement with your brand so you can focus on the best quality prospects at the right time.


Voiceflow empowers users to collaboratively design, prototype and build Alexa Skills and Google Actions - all without any knowledge of coding.


Zynq ensures all your meetings have a clear goal and a reason for why you're invited so you can decide whether it's worth your time, and let your team know when it's not. Why? Because you deserve better meetings.