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Amelia is building a dedicated and holistic DEI solution to help companies attract and retain top women talent.

Coastal Carbon

Coastal Carbon is the world's first and only marketplace that focuses on verification services in ocean carbon credits. Our mission is to help organizations combat climate change, while restoring earth's largest ecosystem. We work with some of the best blue carbon projects to verify their credits and bring them to the right markets.


CulturExpo is an online marketplace for unique handmade products around the world. Low quality and fake products are becoming an increasingly alarming global issue. At CulturExpo, we fight this problem with our complex verification processes, ensuring all our products are unique and authentic. Our primary channel is corporate gifting. Expat workers are at a higher risk of facing loneliness or homesickness. At CulturExpo, we created unique gift boxes full of handmade products so that employers across North America can give their workers a piece of their culture while reducing the risk of mental health problems international workers face in their workspaces.


Ecopackers uses the power of plants to help existing plastic manufacturers create single use plastics in a 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic way.


FentaGone’s mission is to reduce the amount of fentanyl-related overdoses occurring on the street level. The basis of our product lies in a fentanyl detecting technology embedded in a syringe to test for the presence of fentanyl contamination within substances in order to prevent accidental overdoses on the street-level.


Foodage is the easiest way for restaurants to reduce waste and lower their prime costs by predicting daily demand.



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GiveMagic is creating the next generation of online giving tools for inspiring nonprofits and institutions.


Honest Empathy is a mental health support platform fixated on removing the isolation and stigma surrounding mental healthcare. The platform uses machine learning to provide on-demand support group sessions and immersive cognitive behavioural therapy. Honest Empathy houses a team of 15 individuals with backgrounds in medicine, psychology and engineering. They are currently partnered with the University of British Columbia, the Canadian Mental Health Association and the Government of Yukon.


MycoRemedy remediates contaminated environmental sites the natural way – no chemicals or energy-intensive inputs necessary. Their technology is the most efficient and cost-effective on the market.


There are 50M+ renters in North America per year. On average, it takes 1-6 months to find an apartment and renters pay on average of $400 to view apartments outside their city in travel, accommodation expenses viewing only 3-4 apartments during their visit. spotted is an app that connects renters to local spotters to help out-of-city renters view apartments at a distance. By pairing renters with trustworthy spotters, we ensure that no renter will be unhappy with their new homes. Hiring a spotter will offer detailed summary of apartment home features without the out-of-pocket expenses of transportation and accommodations. We make apartment viewing fun, timely and affordable.

The Knowledge Society

The Knowledge Society (TKS) is a 10-month accelerator program for curious and ambitious teens. Through project-based learning and real-world skill building, TKS trains young people to solve the world's biggest problems using emerging technologies.


ThriveHire is the career platform for the global health community. By featuring organizations, jobs, volunteer positions and more, ThriveHire is a one-stop-shop for launching and developing your global health career.


WeavAir sensor modules make use of advanced sensor array technology to measure metrics core to HVAC system performance and indoor air quality. The devices are powered in part by renewable energy sources. Real time analytics and predictive algorithms improve device accuracy and provide preventative alerts and actionable insights.


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Wilder Harrier

Wilder Harrier's mission is to prepare the healthiest foods for our pets and for the planet using only wholesome, human-grade, and tasty ingredients in a fully responsible way. Their first product is a hypoallergenic and healthy dog treat made with cricket flour - a sustainable superfood.


Wishplay uses virtual reality so patients of all ages can experience the world beyond their illness or circumstance. Wishplay provides an escape beyond the four walls of their room, reduces their pain, and in many cases grants final wishes so loved ones can experience something truly special.