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Apprentx's B12 application offers customized training and reinforcement programs designed to avoid the forgetting curve and get learners to apply their new knowledge. B12 leverages cognitive science, AI and advanced analytics to enhance memorization and develop skills while providing administrators with a view into employees’ level of confidence and performance.


Aquantix leverages AI, satellite and geographic data to predict water, climate change, and other material corporate risks and their financial impacts to allow institutional investors to make more responsible and secure investments.

Arthur Intelligence

Arthur applies machine learning algorithms to help clinic managers, doctors and their teams save management time, take better business decisions, and grow their revenues.

Blue City Technology

Blue City Technology facilitates the improvement of safety and efficiency in road networks by providing data through innovative sensing technologies.





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Calixa Technologies enables the delivery of personalized experiences in physical stores through real-time visual detection and recognition of the apparel products that shoppers interact with as well as the delivery of context-aware recommendations aimed at optimizing sales conversion and customer delight.


Civalgo helps improve construction field productivity and collaboration on job sites. Users can learn from every execution, empower their teams, and deliver results on-budget and on-time.

Eduro AI

Eduro bridges the gap between people, process and technology to reduce costs and increase the speed of manufacturing. They leverage AI and IoT to generate production plans at a machine level to meet the daily, weekly or bi-weekly orders, putting manufacturing and supply chain on auto-pilot.


Emaww provides touchscreen emotion analytics for apps and websites. Their machine learning algorithms sense users emotions and empower them and researchers with emotional insight.


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MAIC applies expertise in reinforcement learning, neural networks, classical machine learning methods and data engineering capabilities horizontally across any vertical. They build production-ready data pipelines.




MAXEN facilitates the energy transition of buildings by revealing the full value of your data. Their AI solutions allow the optimization of HVAC management systems and of energy, facilitate decision-making, increase the value of your real estate asset and contribute to saving our planet.


Ossicles Technologies Inc. develops the state-of-art solutions based on artificial intelligence for the safety and the performance of the horses in equestrian sports.


Restaurant management involves many time intensive tasks on a daily basis, leading to shortcuts, errors and lack of control over the business. Piecemeal’s SaaS platform is helping restaurant operators leverage the power of artificial intelligence to put these tasks on autopilot, save time, prevent costly mistakes and become more profitable.

Rithmik Solutions

Rithmik Solutions builds advanced analytics for predictive maintenance on mining equipment.


SeekShift uses deep-learning algorithms to detect facial expression from a single image or a series of images, to detect action units, and to interpolate between key facial expressions.




Shaddari leverages data with their artificial intelligence based APIs to build decision support tools in healthcare. Their platform provides clinical decision support for hospitals, target gene mediated vaccine selection decision support, and condition based maintenance decision support.


Skullscan uses its own proprietary, AI-driven technology to reconstruct 3D models of humans from a single photograph of their head.


Watergeeks helps users manage their water operations with efficiency and rapidity, as well as respond to equipment failure and reduce operation downtime.