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HYGN Energy

HYGN hydrogen technology is decentralized and infrastructure free, making hydrogen available to everyone. Our first product is a hydrogen hybrid conversion kit for gas and diesel engines. Commercial fleet vehicles are seeing up to 15% in fuel savings while reducing tail pipe emissions up to 50%. Future products include hydrogen fuel station and power generation infrastructure.

Refinery Labs

Refinery Labs provides an analytics platform with 5+ million data points on over 38,000 municipalities with a mission to create better economic futures for people and places.


SAMETRICA is a software company that helps governments and enterprises measure, manage and demonstrate the value of social investments, using state-of-the-art SROI and outcome reporting.

Vox Pop Labs

Vox Pop Labs builds innovative technologies that foster democratic participation, using data science to create online applications that organize information in ways which are at once easily accessible, empirically rigorous, and profoundly personalized.

Business Model: