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GestureLogic develops wearable fitness technology that directly monitors muscle activation, motion, and hydration.

Pro Angler

Open Ocean Apps Inc. was founded in 2011 with the purpose to revolutionize how recreational anglers fish around the world. They are the makers of the Pro Angler series of Fishing Apps & Websites, and the US App Store’s #1 Ranked Fishing App / Top 10 Sports Apps 2012-2018.





SmartHalo is enhancing urban mobility by providing the best cyling experience to cyclists. Their network-connected bike accessory features a GPS navigator, night light, alarm system, fitness tracking, and more.


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Spring Loaded Technology

Spring Loaded manufactures and distributes the world’s first “bionic” knee bracing technologies in order to enhance the strength and power of the leg muscles. Their goal is to improve the prevention and treatment of life-changing knee joint injuries while simultaneously creating new possibilities in human performance.


Stathletes provides relevant data and statistics on athletic performance in order to solve the issues related to the subjective evaluations that plague professional franchises. The combination of the business’ unique database and customizable data communication web-based portal aids decision makers regarding player development, team acquisitions, and scouting.


TritonWear develops wearable technology for performance athletics to make better coaches, resulting in superior athletes. TritonWear's flagship product, the Triton, is a wearable for competitive swimmers.