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AttentiveVision aims to create a world class viewing experience for sporting events. Using machine learning and AI, their end-to-end systems take raw camera footage, and process them into broadcast quality video designed to give a viewer the best experience possible.

Curv Health

Curv is an athlete development platform that is leveraging recent advances in computer vision and machine learning to instantly generate 3D models of human movement simply by using 2D video. Their technology allows health providers and fitness professionals to accurately and quickly calculate measurements within human movement, all from a mobile device.


Ossicles Technologies Inc. develops the state-of-art solutions based on artificial intelligence for the safety and the performance of the horses in equestrian sports.

Sports IQ Analytics

Sports IQ uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to provide cutting edge software solutions for the online sports gambling industry.


Business Model:


Stathletes provides relevant data and statistics on athletic performance in order to solve the issues related to the subjective evaluations that plague professional franchises. The combination of the business’ unique database and customizable data communication web-based portal aids decision makers regarding player development, team acquisitions, and scouting.