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Adaptis is a decision-support software solution for optimal decarbonization planning of existing buildings, as part of renovations, retrofits, and adaptive reuse, to improve quality and lower planning costs for building owners and consultants. Our platform first analyzes existing building conditions, then generates automated adaptation feasibility design options, and material recovery and deconstruction scenarios. Lastly, the platform optimizes generated options for environmental and economic performance.


Bridgit is a construction software company which makes construction less complicated with their workforce management, punch list and inspection management tools.



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Next 36, 2013


Civalgo helps improve construction field productivity and collaboration on job sites. Users can learn from every execution, empower their teams, and deliver results on-budget and on-time.

HYGN Energy

HYGN hydrogen technology is decentralized and infrastructure free, making hydrogen available to everyone. Our first product is a hydrogen hybrid conversion kit for gas and diesel engines. Commercial fleet vehicles are seeing up to 15% in fuel savings while reducing tail pipe emissions up to 50%. Future products include hydrogen fuel station and power generation infrastructure.


Skylight is using technology to radically improve the home renovation process. They are a digital renovation service provider, helping homeowners with everything required for a successful renovation from design through construction, including a guarantee that the project will be on budget.


Tuuli is the first integrated platform for building material data discovery and management. We cut the time it takes to select sustainable materials by 80%, empowering developers, architects, and governments to fuel the green building market of the future.


Watergeeks helps users manage their water operations with efficiency and rapidity, as well as respond to equipment failure and reduce operation downtime.


WeavAir sensor modules make use of advanced sensor array technology to measure metrics core to HVAC system performance and indoor air quality. The devices are powered in part by renewable energy sources. Real time analytics and predictive algorithms improve device accuracy and provide preventative alerts and actionable insights.


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Next 36, 2017