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Iconic Brewing Co.

Iconic Brewing Co. thrives in the fast paced beverage alcohol industry and has become one of the leading “trend-setting” beverage companies in Canada. Their portfolio of brands includes products such as Crazy Beard Wild Apple, Crazy Beard Hard Ginger Ale and Dusty Boots Hard Root Beer - Canada's first alcoholic root beer.


Inkbox is a direct-to-consumer tattoo brand that empowers customers with the ultimate tool for self-expression. Their ink develops in your skin to create a tattoo that lasts 1-2 weeks, fading as your skin naturally regenerates.

Just Vertical

At Just Vertical we build furniture that feeds you. Our indoor gardens allow you to grow your own food, right at home, 365 days per year, while using 95% less water, and no pesticides. This means you can grow your own unique, fresh flavours (like wasabi arugula or black basil!) while helping the planet. We've got over 1000 active gardeners and are fortunate to have strong backers of the company like Arlene Dickinson, Export Development Canada, and F100 firms. We also help you save money on your groceries as every garden purchased comes with everything you need to grow its value back right in the box. We've also taken our backend technology and put it into several different commercial installations where we grow food on a larger scale.

Makeup For Melanin Girls

MFMG Cosmetics is a beauty brand that leverages online communities to develop products and a personalized shopping experience for multiethnic beauty customers. Their mission is to bring diverse beauty to the forefront through highly pigmented beauty products.


Nomz is a healthy snack company based in Toronto, Canada. Their energy bites are made with simple, natural ingredients and come in four delicious flavours: pistachio, almond, hazelnut and coconut.

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nud fud

nud fud is a healthy snack company that produces snacks that are organic, raw, vegan, paleo, tree nut-free, sugar-free, non-GMO, grain-free, and gluten-free.


Nudnik transforms textile waste into unisex apparel for kids and adults.

Poche Posh

Poche Posh is an online women's clothing retailer. They provide women's clothing with pockets to carry your necessities while still looking stylish.

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Next 36, 2018

Rockwell Razors

Rockwell makes eco-friendly, innovative shaving and grooming products.


Sampler is the leading self-serve digital product sampling solution for brand and agency marketers. Sampler helps brands of all sizes and categories deliver physical samples to digitally targeted consumers.


As Canada's only socially-driven hyrdoponics company, SucSeed's at-home hydroponic growing kits let anyone, anywhere, fill their plates with fresh, affordable produce.


Greenlid is the world's first fully biodegradable kitchen food waste bin. Just fill it up and compost the entire Greenlid. It's made from 100% end-of-life recycled cardboard and has a proprietary formulation that prevents leaks and smells.


TritonWear develops wearable technology for performance athletics to make better coaches, resulting in superior athletes. TritonWear's flagship product, the Triton, is a wearable for competitive swimmers.


Voltera has developed the V-One, a desktop 3D printer that enables circuit boards to be prototyped within minutes. Eliminating the frustrations associated with traditional circuit board fabrication processes and drastically reducing hardware development time.


VOLTFUSE is a specialty headwear and apparel brand, based out of Newfoundland and Labrador.


Wellow is the world's most sustainable deodorant. It comes in a revolutionary paper-based tube that is 100% recyclable and compostable. Made from 95% FSC-certified recycled paper, the deodorant’s packaging fully biodegrades in as little as 3 months after disposal, leaving no trace. Every detail has been carefully considered, down to the plant-based ink, water-soluble adhesive, and all-natural ingredients.


WHOOSH! is defining the next generation of clean. Leveraging the latest advancements in formula development, WHOOSH! creates innovative, powerful and safer solutions to clean life’s dirty moments.


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Wiivv is a technology company transforming footwear and wellness for every human body. Wiivv Insoles and Sandals are created uniquely for you, engineered for your individual feet and 3D printed using measurements taken from the award-winning Wiivv app.

Wilder Harrier

Wilder Harrier's mission is to prepare the healthiest foods for our pets and for the planet using only wholesome, human-grade, and tasty ingredients in a fully responsible way. Their first product is a hypoallergenic and healthy dog treat made with cricket flour - a sustainable superfood.


ZEITDICE's mission is to capture time so we can learn from it, preserve it, and enjoy it. To achieve, ZEITDICE has invented a time-lapse camera that does not run out of battery or memory.