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Lunavoy Inc.

Lunavoy Inc. is disrupting the tourism space with its artificial intelligence powered online marketplace that personalizes touristic activities to each traveler’s profile and travelers among themselves. Essentially, we are a one-stop shop for millennial and gen z travelers to experience unique local travel activities in a group with other like-minded travelers at a discounted price.


Pilot helps people live happier lives through shared experiences. Our social travel planner helps you build itineraries for trips you want to take by yourself or with a group.


Sinitic transforms multilingual contact centers with AI customer experience. The Sinitic product suite is powered by the HermesAI™ natural language processing engine, with high-accuracy for Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indonesian, Thai, Tagalog and more.


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Staffy Canada

Staffy’s platform is a modern solution to staffing challenges within the hospitality sector. For employers, Staffy facilitates quick and efficient connections with skilled contractors, addressing immediate, short-term or long-term staffing needs. And for contractors, Staffy provides the opportunity to instantly pick up shifts tailored to their skills, experience, and schedule.

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Weave Travels

Weave is a hub for the world's travel content. They are a platform to help travel companies create beautiful, interactive and data driven content, instead of relying on brochures and paragraphs of text.


Wishplay uses virtual reality so patients of all ages can experience the world beyond their illness or circumstance. Wishplay provides an escape beyond the four walls of their room, reduces their pain, and in many cases grants final wishes so loved ones can experience something truly special.