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Ecopackers uses the power of plants to help existing plastic manufacturers create single use plastics in a 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic way.

Eduro AI

Eduro bridges the gap between people, process and technology to reduce costs and increase the speed of manufacturing. They leverage AI and IoT to generate production plans at a machine level to meet the daily, weekly or bi-weekly orders, putting manufacturing and supply chain on auto-pilot.


Forcen created the ForceFilm System, a first-in-the-world force sensing film. Initially, this technology was created for use with surgical robotics. The company has since expanded its reach into aerospace, defence, manufacturing, and industrial robotics, providing predictive maintenance data, HMIs, and accurate force sensing solutions.




HYGN Energy

HYGN hydrogen technology is decentralized and infrastructure free, making hydrogen available to everyone. Our first product is a hydrogen hybrid conversion kit for gas and diesel engines. Commercial fleet vehicles are seeing up to 15% in fuel savings while reducing tail pipe emissions up to 50%. Future products include hydrogen fuel station and power generation infrastructure.


Juniper is a premium, end-to-end product creation service that manages design, manufacturing, fulfillment, e-commerce, customer service, and digital marketing for the world's largest social media influencers.


LabsCubed automates polymer testing for R&D and quality labs. Through the integration of automated testing systems and intelligent software they are able to provide customers with more consistent and faster testing.



Business Model:


Orbityl Labs

Orbityl is developing technology that allows users to communicate with computers using just their thoughts.




Next 36, 2017

OTI Lumionics

OTI Lumionics develops production-ready advanced materials for OLED displays. Their disruptive and scalable solutions are enabling best-in-class OLED displays in consumer electronics.


Voltera has developed the V-One, a desktop 3D printer that enables circuit boards to be prototyped within minutes. Eliminating the frustrations associated with traditional circuit board fabrication processes and drastically reducing hardware development time.