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Adaptis is a decision-support software solution for optimal decarbonization planning of existing buildings, as part of renovations, retrofits, and adaptive reuse, to improve quality and lower planning costs for building owners and consultants. Our platform first analyzes existing building conditions, then generates automated adaptation feasibility design options, and material recovery and deconstruction scenarios. Lastly, the platform optimizes generated options for environmental and economic performance.


Allset's mission is to help users find the best insurance according to their real needs, in complete transparency. Their platform achieves this thanks to partners of choice with recognized institutions in the insurance world and, most importantly, to their smart technology that manages thousands of different algorithms to get users personalized options in less than 4 minutes.


Doorr is the first broker management platform to give you complete power and ownership over your data. Doorr is leading the digital transformation of mortgages with a fully customizable platform managing every aspect of your workflow from applications to client engagement.



Win-Win HomeSharing

By pairing students with senior citizens, Win-Win Homesharing reduces the cost of living for students while offering a helping hand and companionship to seniors living alone. In exchange for half-priced rent, students complete chores for seniors, allowing them to stay in their homes for longer and enjoy an additional income.