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We are augmenting the future of your remote, hybrid, and distributed work starting with communication. We’ve built a B2B communication tool to have highly contextual and collaborative discussions through screen and video recordings. Our vision is to re-design the entire work experience in a post-pandemic world, starting with how we communicate. With the ability to save questions and discussions, we can derive insights to improve employee training, onboarding programs, roadmap planning, and the performance review process. We are just getting started. We plan to operate with a B2B SaaS model with tiered pricing based on additional feature sets. Our target user is anyone who in a remote, hybrid, or distributed environment who frequently has highly-contextual and collaborative discussions. We'll be testing with 3 potential beachhead markets in North America: consulting engineers, tech workers, and university students in STEM fields. Worldwide, knowledge workers and higher-education students make up 1.3 billion people.

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Next 36, 2022


Aview International

Aview is an international multimedia language translation company designed to help content creators and entertainers expand their fan base through major social media platforms. Aview focuses on content creators who have developed a loyal fan base in their local market and seeking international expansion. Aview manages posts and generates an additional revenue stream through internationally branded social media accounts. Aview offers their customers two primary services: video dubbing and video translations.